Encouraged by Family: Veteran Brotherwood

After losing her job in 2012, Veteran Brotherwood began searching for a new position using programs and services she had used before to find employment. Turning to a relative she quickly obtained suitable housing and continued her job search.

Two years later having found only temporary employment, Veteran Brotherwood was encouraged by her Uncle to seek assistance at OhioMeansJobs Allen County. Staff quickly identified Veteran Brotherwood as a Veteran and referred her to DVOPS Rob Cornett for employment assistance. On 17 December 2014, Veteran met with DVOPS Cornett for an assessment that identified Signi´Čücant Barriers to Employment (SBE's) as being service connected disabilities, low income, ineffective resume and the inability to obtain a permanent full time position.

Veteran and DVOPS developed an employability development plan to assist Veteran with obtaining suitable and sustainable employment. Veteran Brotherwood received assistance with developing an effective job search plan, writing and utilizing marketable chronological and targeted resumes, preparing for job interviews, targeting employment and the advocating for hiring the Veteran by DVOPS.

On 26 January 2015, Veteran was hired and started as a Production Worker for Lakeview Farms making $10 an hour. Veteran credits her success as a result of getting help from DVOPS and using the advice and resources to help herself obtain job interviews and a job offer.

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