Living the Dream: Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth served in the US Army Honorably for 4 years as a Counter Intelligence NCO. She is married and has a two year old daughter. She has a 70% VA Disability and was discharged from the Army due to her injuries. Based on her disabilities, Elizabeth was able to complete her Master’s Degree in English at University of Cincinnati thru the Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program. Through the VA Chapter 31 VR&E upon graduation, she was eligible for employment assistance. That’s when Elizabeth walked into the Hamilton County Ohio Means Jobs Center and was assigned to work with a Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist (DVOP) to assist her in her job search. Upon being assigned to DVOP Camarda, they immediately began searching for her new career.

During the initial assessment, Elizabeth shared her interest of becoming an Editor or Publisher. DVOP Camarda immediately found two open positions in her field of interest: Assistant Editor for Recruit Military in Cincinnati, Oh and Associate Editor for Content Quality Assurance at Convergys in Cincinnati, Oh. Upon applying for both positions, she received an interview at Recruit Military. They loved her and decided to hire her on the spot as she was perfect for the position. DVOP Camarda utilized the proper avenue for a referral to WIOA, which provided Elizabeth with a gas card so that she would be able to get to and from work each day until she received her first pay check. Elizabeth continues to work at the magazine, Recruit Military and has since been promoted to Assistant Editor and Production/Circulation Manager.

During a recent follow up conversation with Elizabeth, DVOP Camarda learned that Elizabeth has an article in this month’s issue of Recruit Military magazine. Elizabeth was featured prominently in the September/October 2015 Issue volume VIII, Issue 5 on pages 66 and 67, The Special Section for Veteran Hiring Leaders. Elizabeth recently attended a Veterans Job Fair where she interviewed five organizations: The Home Depot, Mercy Health, DeVry University, Apple, and Advance Pierre and wrote about how job fairs are not only valuable for filling positions, but also for learning, networking, and creating relationships.

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