Road to Recovery: Brock’s Story

Brock was discharged from the United States Air Force after 12 years of honorable service and returned to his home in Columbus, Ohio. While in Columbus, Brock and his mother were involved in a car accident which caused him to lose his license and he began to self-medicate on illegal drugs. Due to his addiction Brock found himself homeless and without a job, with his mother relying on him for support he decided it was time to change. He attended rehabilitation care and relocated to his sister’s residence away from his past in hopes for a fresh start.

Once settled in Brock turned his sights towards reemployment, and he went to his local OhioMeansJobs Center for employment assistance. On his first visit Brock received an initial orientation, and because of his status as a disabled veteran he was referred to the ODJFS Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialist (DVOP). Brock also suffered from several other barriers to employment including homelessness, low income, and no transportation / driver’s license.

After his first visit with his DVOP, Brock received information on supportive services and bonuses he never would have known he was eligible for. The DVOP immediately began tackling the most severe barriers to employment, and coordinated an appointment with the local Supportive Services for Veterans and Families Specialist who was able to assist Brock in obtaining a rental unit he and his mother could live in. In addition to housing the DVOP coordinated food assistance with the local Jobs and Family Services office, and arranged for Brock to have an appointment with the local County Veterans Service Office where he was rendered assistance in applying for the Ohio Veterans Bonus. Brock received over $160 a month in food assistance, and received $500 for service in Korea from the Ohio Veterans’ Bonus – which he applied towards his Drivers’ License reinstatement fees. Furthermore Brock began seeking healthcare at his local VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic in order to reestablish long term care for his recovery treatment.

Now that Brock and the DVOP were able to knock down his barriers to employment, Brock is working on resume, interview skills, and career assessments in order to become employed. Brock plans to attend numerous job fairs and obtain a position with a company that allows him the time to care for his mother who requires support 24/7.

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